Saturday, November 5, 2011

God Heals

I am officially the worst blog-post-starter ever.  As in, my mind goes blank when it comes to coming up with some clever or profound way to introduce a post.  I just can't do it.  I thought about trying to find a good quote to start things out, but I couldn't even manage that, as I immediately got thoroughly distracted and amused by the fact that my Google homepage is currently in Kreyol (so awesome).  Less awesome is the fact that Google keeps trying to tell me that I've moved to Haiti, while I glare back at it and say "not yet! (though oh how I wish I could!)."

Jean Daniel
Anyway, today.  I woke up this morning to the news that Mama E had gone into labor during the night.  Good news, as she has been so ready to have this baby and get home to her family in Ti Guave.  Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that neither Lena nor I were going to be able to be at the birth, since we were across town (and at that point, it was looking like Mama E was very close to delivering).  But, it sounded like things were going well and that Mama E would soon be holding her newest baby, so we were happy about that.

Gus, showing off his popsicle stick puzzle

Lena and I spent the morning hanging out with the Notre Maison kids, and then around 1:30pm, we headed back over to the Heartline Guesthouse.  Notre Maison had lost electricity (therefore, no internet) shortly after breakfast, so it wasn't until we got back to the guesthouse and checked Facebook again that we realized that Mama E still had not delivered her baby; something was wrong.  I texted Beth and Heather to let them know we were back at the guesthouse in case they wanted Lena to come help; shortly afterward Heather posted this on her Facebook page:
Just watched a miracle. Cord was around baby's neck two times. This birth had to go just the way it did for this baby to be alive right now. We're all a bunch of crying weirdos. Thank you for praying for Mama E. God was here.
Lena and Maxo
Yet again, God's protection and guidance was so evident in this little one's birth.  Heather wrote about it here.   As with Esther and baby Judler last week, God provided exactly what was needed at exactly the right time.

A little while later, Lena and I walked over to the maternity center to meet little Raphael -- "God heals."  God heals.  I think we all teared up when we found out the meaning of his name.  As Beth said, "May he truly be that for her (Mama Eman)."  After all of the pain and loss she's suffered, may this baby be God's healing gift to her, to comfort her and to give her hope and joy again.

Tonight Lena and I are staying at the maternity center to continue checking on Mama E and the baby; so far, so good :)

11pm update: Please pray that the baby will breastfeed well within the next few hours.  He fed well around 5pm today but hasn't been too interested in eating since then.  We just spent about 30 minutes trying to get him to nurse but without much success.  We're hopeful he'll wake up more and be ready to eat again soon.  In the meantime, we'd appreciate prayers!  Thanks!

Wilson and Jameson, working on their puzzles.
Perhaps Wilson works better with his derriere in the air?

Jephte, with his masking tape headband

Raphael and Mama E
(photo stolen from Tara)

With Emmanuel and his new baby brother
(photo stolen from Beth)

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